1)  “Beautiful Things” – Gungor.  Introduce this in time for Ash Wednesday next year, please.  Your congregation will thank you.
2) “Our God’s Alive” – Andy Cherry.  Ditto for Easter. If you have a congregation that will really sing, this will be a blast.
3) “10,000 Reasons” – Matt Redman. This one I probably don’t need to tell you about.  But if you’re not yet doing it, do it.  Your congregation will love it.  Simply the most singable congregational anthem since Tomlin’s collection of them on “Arriving.”
4) “Be Unto Your Name” – Sadler, Gary; L. DeShazo; as performed by Travis Cottrell.  A little older, but excellent.  My congregation has been using it as a Song of Praise in a blended worship service all summer. 
5) “Overcome” – Jon Egan.  This would also work great as a Song of Praise.  The first simple descending notes of the guitar intro get me every time.  
6) “Hosanna” “Desert Song” “Lord of Lords” “You’ll Come” (bonus pack) – Brooke Fraser.  If you haven’t discovered Brooke’s songs yet (she also goes by her married name Ligertwood), please do.  I just wish she would give us even more worship tunes - they're spectacular.
7) “Happy Day” and “Jesus Saves” – Tim Hughes (bonus pack 2).  Looking for some new upbeat rockers?  Tim’s your man. More to start working on for the Easter season, if not sooner.
8) “All the Earth Will Sing Your Praises” – Paul Baloche.  It’s been around for a while, but if you still do “Lord I Lift…” trade it out for this one for a while and see how you like it.  Good gospel-summary tune.
9) “Second Chance” – Rend Collective Experiment.  “Build Your Kingdom Here” is all the rage right now, but this song might actually be the better song of the two (and more suitable for many congregations).
10) “Hold Us Together” and “Remembrance” – Matt Maher.  Great songs for Christian community and Holy Communion, respectively. 

Okay, so that’s 15 songs your congregation should be singing (excuse the presumptuous nature of that phrase, but these are excellent corporate worship songs, in my humble opinion).  And almost all these artists have other great songs to use, as well.  Check out my song lists for more ideas.  God bless you in worship!


Thomas Loy Bumgarner
09/14/2013 9:58am

I know numbers 4 and 8, and the first two of number 6.


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